Friday, June 13, 2008

Paint your Picture

Hi everyone! Before going on with my series about the Exciting Times of Waiting, I have to share this little story with you which is absolutly stunning and encouraging! I just started reading "Boy meets Girl" by Joshua Harris and so far I like it, although I've only red 20 pages thus far.
Anyways, he shares this great little story about the master painter and although in the book it is meant for how to pursue courtship, I want to use it here as an encouagement for how to live and pursue our lives for God and not being discouraged when we look at how other people deal with that.
So here you go:

"Imagine that you're a student in an art class. You and dozens of classmates are learning from a master painter. One day your teacher displays a painting of his own. It's an incredible work of art, and he wants each one of you to copy it.
You're about to begin working when you turn to look at the person next to you. You're surprised to note that he has a larger brush than you and a different kind of canvas. You look around at the rest of the class. Some students have acrylic paint, others watercolor, still others oil - and everyone is using different colors. Though you all have the same assignment, you each have completely different materials. This frustrates you. Some students have materials you would prefer for yourself. Why should they get them?
You're not the only student to notice the disparity. A hand goes up on your left. A girl with only a ragged brush and three pale shades of blue on her palette is noticeably agitated. "This isn't fair," she tells the teacher. "How do you expect me to duplicate your painting when the people around me have so many more colors to choose from?"
The teacher smiles. "Don't worry about the other students," he says. "I've carefully chosen brushes and paints for each of you. Trust me. You have what you need to complete the assignment. Remember, your goal is not to create a painting that mirrors the person next to you, but to do your best with the materials I've given you to replicate my painting."

I hope to be able to encourage you with this story as you continue the walk in the exciting times of waiting. Remember, God wants you to follow His plan, not the plan he has for other people's life.

Much love and until next time. Ramona


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