Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Shepherd

Recently I have been pondering about shepherds and their sheep as on a recent hike I saw a shepherd standing there in pouring rain, just watching his sheep.
It's kind of a cool story, so I better just start in the beginning:

We (that is 2 of my collegues from work and I) went on a hike at the highest mountain in this area called Feldberg. It is truly beautiful up there at this time of the year, no snow yet. Also, the weather was really stormy and rainy which I actually loved.
At one point of the hike it was just pouring rain when we saw this person standing there like a rock. When we came closer we saw he was a shepherd watching his sheep. What stood out to me was that all the sheep were turned towards him, standing real close to each other:
I loved that picture and just thought about the image Jesus gave us of Him being the shepherd. It was so beautiful to see with my own eyes what He meant in John 10.
I just saw the picture of how we have to hold on to the Shepherd at all times (and weathers) because He will always be there for us. Also we have to have community with each other to warm each other, to be there for each other especially in the cold and stormy times.
So let's go, let's do that!

What have you pondered about recently?



Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Art in the Church

Today I read a great article in the Relevant Newsletter which was called Why Art should matter to Christians.
The article describes how art is losing its worth in our society by reducing it to a product that has only worth if it sells. Art is therefore reduced to a consumer product.
"Modern culture has forgotten that art is worthy without first having to prove it’s worth."*

Art matters - also within the context of the church. I believe often times the church sees art as something that can only be positive and preppy and nice, when art in fact should show feelings, should shake us by showing what is going on in our world. Art, may it be dance, music, poetry, paintings has the ability to speak right to our heart, it touches our feelings and can transcend us.
I believe we cannot abandon art from (especially) our churches. If we believe in a creating God, then we believe in a creative God also. A God who created this earth, who was able to make such beauty as the Alps, such powerful oceans and He cared for every detail. God is the ultimate artist. Therefore art should be appreciated and supported in our churches. This can be done in so many different and beautiful ways.
Sometimes we just have to look around us to find people with amazing creative potential. We must encourage this potential.

"[Art] is an acknowledgement that something eternal and full of truth lies behind the temporal world in which we live. It focuses our eyes on the pain around us, the injustice in front of us, the joy abounding within us, and the pull we feel towards meaning and significance. Music moves us. Poetry connects us. Paintings shout at us. Dance energizes us. Art draws us back into the fold of humanity when we wander out full of pain, discouragement, and bitterness. It whispers, “You are not alone.”"*



* quoted from "Why Art should matter to Christians" by Melissa Kircher

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A letter to Nature

Dear Nature,

I am sitting in my office looking outside seeing you. I see the beauty of the sun and the deep blue sky.
Right now I wish to be close to you, to dance on your hilltops and to swim in your sea. I want to sleep under the moon and the stars or play in the river.
I wish I could run on your green pastures. I wish I could lie in your grass with the sun warming my body.
I miss you. I miss your sound, the music you play.

I love you nature.



hiking on our youth leadership retreat 2007 in the beautiful Swiss Alps

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Quote of the Day

As most of you know Sleeping at Last is one of my absolute favorite bands. Every single song is a masterpiece of poetry and I have quoted them so often on this blog. Hence today's quote is by them too:

But we can't dream when we're wide awake
Or fall in love with a heart too strong to break.

Wow... I mean... wow... this is so true.
Do you sometimes feel like you are losing some dreams or like your forget about them?
Is your heart too far hidden behind walls?


Monday, September 13, 2010

Campfour 2010

As most of you know I have been on camp this summer to work with the youth from my church. Like I said it was an amazing time and it is really hard to put into words when something so wonderful happens.
But fortunately our camp video is finished and ready to watch.
Go enjoy...

this was our camp. The camp that changed lives.



Friday, September 10, 2010

The Nutella blog

Yes, you heard me. I am writing a blog about Nutella. Ok, I'm from Germany, we all grow up with it, eat it since we were little and always have it at home. It is basic food to us.

Anyways, lately there has been some sort of a discussion among my friends whether or not you should eat it with or without butter on the bread.

I personally prefer it without butter. There are two main reasons why I do so:

1. you can use more Nutella and not feel too bad about it.
2. when you use butter it tastes like fat, without butter it tastes like chocolate.

So here you have it... I like Nutella without butter.

How do you eat your Nutella?


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The book you can do with whatever you want!

Ok... just found the coolest gift idea. It is a book that you write and finish:

click on the book to view it.

For all the English speaking people, the pages say things like, put dirt on this page or throw something colorful on this page and so on. So cool... I love the idea...



Be with you

I have been listing to Joshua Radin already for a while now and really like his music. It is very soft, sometimes a little mellow, but always good.
Today I want to share a song with you which I really like. I love the words and the feeling of the song, so go enjoy:



Thursday, September 2, 2010

The last taste of Summer

September, oh sweet September. They are usually wonderful and sunny here in southern Germany. September feels like the last rays of summer sun and the first taste of fall. I love the fall and cannot wait for it to start.
I know I haven't posted much in a while. I have been on Campfour in Tuscany, Italy. It was an amazing time with the most amazing youth. I wish I could tell you all about it, but it is so much and it was so incredibly awesome.
One thing I want to mention though is that we could not have done without the amazing team we are. Best friends, fellow warriors, together!

Here are two pictures, one from each camp:

And now fall is approaching and there is a lot going on and I really feel like God is shaping my dreams, clearing some of the undeveloped polaroids in my life. I feel that there will be answers to a couple of questions soon. And I am excited and cannot wait. All I want is to follow Jesus more than ever before. I want more of him in my life. I want to be closer.

So, whatever Fall may bring, I am ready.




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