Well hello there and welcome to my blog. Thanks for checking in.
This blog grew out of a desire to write more and have a place to express myself. At first without a direct goal or direction but more and more it grew into what I call "The Soundtrack of my Life put in Words". It's the big things in life, the little nuances, the thoughts and doubts and everything in between which creates a personal sound.
This sound of course is always accompanied by some great music and dancing.

Here's a few things I write about regularly:
Traveling to faraway places and nearby spots
Events from birthday parties, to showers to weddings
Romance because let's face it I am a hopeless romantic - and I mean that in a positive way
Movies to watch and contemplate
Life and Faith

I hope you enjoy being here, reading. May it bless you, encourage you and inspire you. I love your input and your comments, so go ahead and leave me a little note.



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