Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday Tunes

We all know how much I love The Lone Bellow. They just released a new song and I cannot wait for their next album to come out.
The new song is phenomenal as expected and they teamed up with SerialBox for a live session. So I am posting the video here for you all to see and listen that you may also fall in love with them!


PS: I have a few new Thursday Tunes lined up for you with some beautiful music I have been listening to recently. Keep coming back and not only Thursdays.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Movie Monday

I doesn't happen too often that I really like a comedy. Mostly because often I don't find them funny or deep enough or think they are too vulgar and I don't like the language.
So whenever I happen upon a good comedy I try to save it for all the nights when I really want to watch a comedy movie.

Last week I watched Mom's Night Out and let me tell you I laughed so much and I cried and it was the perfect end to the weekend. I thought there were parts which were pretty profound but not cheesy and parts that were so hilarious I just could not stop laughing.
I think this movie is a must for every mother. It is a christian movie which I am usually super sceptical about but this one is such an exception for me.
So, if you find yourself on somewhat of a triste day, put this movie on now!



Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thursday Tunes

I know I know it has been forever since I shared music with you. Not I don't have anything to share it just kind of didn't happen.
I have said it so many times but I really think that music sometimes comes to us as we need it. So it was with the Endless Years album by Will Reagan and the United Pursuit. I have their Live at the Banks House album and love it.
So during our prayer and fasting time at my church this August I started listening to it and it has been on repeat on my runs, in the car, during my quiet time with God.
It is a beautiful, Spirit filled album that really gets you to worship. There is one song called Endless Years and it is one of those songs that not only enters your ears but your soul and your heart and your spirit. The words are beautiful and actually quite simple but they take you on a journey.
So here's the song... enjoy it.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

On friendship and food and breaking bread

Two Sundays ago I was alone at home. It was late afternoon and the sun was already setting. A sign for the new season. One of my favorite seasons which is fall.
It had been a great Sunday where I shared lunch with my parents in a tiny village soaking up the sun. And now I was home and my hands were itching to make something, to see something produced and done and so I made these Meringue Tartlettes I saw in the Kinfolk cookbook and realized I had all the ingredients at hand. And so there I was, alone in the kitchen and whisking egg white and baking dough and spreading homemade jam on it.
 My Sunday nights are usually all alike. There is popcorn and some cooked vegetables and a dip and a movie. My flatmate and I have this Sunday night routine where we shut out everything else and just soak up Sunday nights with a good movie.
So even without her being there I decided to make popcorn and watch a movie. I watched this movie (Movie Monday coming soon) and after it was over and the credits were rolling I sat on my sofa, a bundle of tears. Something about the friendships and the connection and the togetherness and the changing about relationships in this movie stirred something up within me.

I have been thinking about friendship a lot lately. More than usual. I have taken account of the people who I call my people. The ones where time together is life giving. The ones where you can fully be yourself and yet being with them makes you a better person because they challenge you.
I have been reading this book and this book a lot lately and although it is about food it is more than that about gathering people around a table to break bread and over the last couple weeks I feel I have gotten a new understanding of what it means to gather people around a table. There is so much power in sharing a meal, in conversing with each other in breaking bread. It nourishes not only our bodies but our souls and our heart and spirits.
 Last Saturday I went out for dinner with a couple of friends and it was one of those magical nights. It was a perfect mix of people with 3 married couples, one expecting a baby, one with a one year old who was part of the party and two singles. I sat there and thought these are my people. The night was filled with laughter and food and conversation and dreams and when we left the table I felt refreshed, accepted, loved.

I pray that whenever we gather around a table to break bread that we make it intentionally and that whenever we leave said table that it leaves a mark on our hearts and that it changes us for the better.



Friday, October 3, 2014

An Ode to Fall

I love all the seasons. I love how the atmosphere changes, how the things which grow and which we harvest change. But every year when fall comes around my heart skips and my morning bike rides in the crisp air become magical. It is the fog that lies deep on the ground and the sun fighting to break through. It is the air which becomes visible when I breathe and the leaves that fall from the trees as I bike through the forest.
Nature at this time is almost mystical and it feels as though in one last powerful strike shows its beauty before it gives it all up, everything that has grown only to be changed again and start to grow and flourish again in the Spring.
Fall to me is the most romantic of the seasons and I dream of blankets and candles and sipping tea and cuddling up on the sofa, of cooking warm soups and staying in bed and the smell of cinnamon and apple and coffee before the sun rises and a new day begins.

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