Thursday, September 29, 2011


Just wanted to leave a quick note. We live in exiting times and I love how the Lord keeps showing me things, pouring His love over me.

This song really touched me yesterday at my church's praise and worship night. There is nothing like His love!

How has your week been so far? What are some new dreams and visions of yours?


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Goodbye Summer, India and welcome Fall

This summer has been a very interesting one. One that was different from the others. And as we are heading full force into Fall it feels like I am leaving something behind. Yet all that has happened within the last couple of months has been leading up to this point. The start of something new, new grace, new beginnings, new dreams – all of it and I am on the verge of something magnificent. I haven’t seen it yet, I cannot touch it yet but it is there lingering around the corner, about to become visible. In order to start the new season I have to finish one, recapitulate what had the most impact on me. Gather my thoughts and remember what it all was so I can learn and grow as a person.

I had the priviledge of leading a team of youth together with a friend to India to serve a ministry there. It wasn't my first time in India but I took so much from the culture, country and people with me like I understood all of it a little better. I took in every single moment trying to memorize all the beautiful faces I saw because truth be told Indians are beautiful people.
We were extremely blessed by the people and their hearts and culture to honor I believe I should adapt some it in my own life. To always hold other people higher than myself.
We taught some German at the school, answered their questions about our country and sang songs with them. I love these kids. I love how happy they are and how inviting into their lives they are. You don't get that here in Germany. These kids just smile at you and want to be close to you and call you sister or "aka". Their eagerness to learn amazes me. How often did I sit in school not even being remotely interested in what we were learning. Yet these kids here love school. It is one of their favorite places to be.

I am all for helping to help yourself when it comes to development aids. I think it is completely wrong to impose our western ways of doing things on other cultures. I also believe it is wrong to keep giving money and keep giving money and hence making people dependent on our money. Rather help people to earn money, help them find ways to be better off or sustain themselves. That is why I thought this ministry was doing such a great work. Their goal is to be self-sustainable and they keep finding new ways to do so.
Oh and by the way they serve about 2000 meals each day. Above you see the kitchen where they make tons of rice and curry. The smell and the heat in that kitchen were indescribable and the things cooked were delicious. On a sid note: I love indian food.

The area we were in was extremely beautiful and green because it had rained a lot before we came. The beach was so different than what we westerners are used to. We actually went into the Indian Ocean with our feet, the waves rushing in an out.

Yet when you do go into the villages and towns you do see an India that is hidden in the Bollywood movies. It is the real India which you get a glimpse of in the movie Slumdog Millionaire. It is the India that a lot of people might be afraid of or where the cultural shock could come from because it is nothing of what we know. But to be honest for my team and me it was just beautiful to experience. We wanted to see everything get a look at everything and really experience the real India which in fact is the people.
There are so many things and highlights I could talk about. Things I learned, things that were terrible to see, things which challenged me. I think a lot can be said through the pictures and I hope you get a glimpse of the beautiful summer I had.
Now it is starting to be Fall and like I said I am ready for change. My arms are wide open for whatever is coming my way. I know it will be fantastic because I trust in a God who gives exceedingly, abundantly and above. I can take these things learned now and transform them into something new. I can use these things and become a better person and a better leader in order to fulfill God's calling for my life because that is all I want.

So, hello Fall and all you have to offer. I welcome thee with my arms wide open.



Monday, September 12, 2011

Back... not yet

I'm back from an unbelievably awesome time in India. I don't feel ready yet to write about everything. So please, give me a little more time. I'll write. I promise.




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