Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Trust Me

Sometimes you listen to a song and the lyrics just strike you. Trees (hallways of leaves) by Sleeping at last is one of these songs. I listened to it and the lyrics just took my imagination and brought me to another place.
Follow them with me:

It's just beyond those trees...
The place I've been dreaming of.
Will you follow me?

Trust me, I know where I'm going.

It's somewhere here within the leaves...
There must be some mistake...

Trust me, I know where I'm going

We'll cut a path out for us
Through the green seas,
We'll make hallways of leaves.

I know it seems it was just some crazy dream
And I know my eyes were closed
But this dream feels more real to me
Than life itself.

My ear is pressed upon this wall.
For behind it is that place.

The door is locked...
I'll do whatever it takes

(you have to) Trust me, I know where I'm going.

Will you follow me?
Will you follow me, still?

In the moments that I feel
We're closer than ever before
The world drops out from under our feet.
But I believe the darkest of fights
Prove we're almost there.

There is always something there
to take our hearts like thieves
There is always something there
to take our hearts (But nothing matters.)
There is always something there to take

When we arrive
We will hear
Voices sing.

Nothing matters.
Nothing matters anymore
Nothing matters anymore, anymore, anymore.

It's beginning to get dark.
But don't worry,
I know where we are,
I know where we are.
Will you follow me, still?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Walk down the Aisle

This week I read a quote that made me ponder a lot about my life and how I live it, so I wanted to share it with you that you may ponder on it and ask yourself a few questions about how you live your life.

"The Lord doesn't want to walk down the aisle with a bride who's been out with someone else the night before." - Chris Hodges

What kind of life do you live?
How will your walk down the aisle with Jesus look like?

I believe that there is no more time for mediocraty in our walk of faith... use each day, live it to the fullest with the Lord, let Him fill you, use you and make yourself available to Him.

Along with that I am posting a song that intrigued me over the last couple days too.



Friday, August 7, 2009

Do you know that feeling when you watch something and you feel so attached because it expresses exactly how you feel - even unintentionally? This often happens to me with music, film or even some dancing. Recently I have watched a lot of so you think you can dance and some of the dances just speak to me.

Today I decided to share this video of a dance with you that I randomly discovered yesterday and it so perfectly described how I was feeling inside or at least I thought so and was attached the minute I saw it.

I'm sharing it here with you:




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