Monday, September 30, 2013

The "Welcome to the Circus" Party

A little while ago my friend Larissa asked me if I would help her plan her birthday party and how could I say no to that? She's such a fun person and I instantly knew that this party was going to be awesome.
My initial ideas were lots of colors, popsicles and fun piƱatas. When we sat together to talk it all through we came from one thing to the other and ended up with a 50s themed circus/carnival party.
We were both so giddy and excited that I think we sent each other about 50 emails on one day with links and ideas and craft tutorials.
Larissa loves to craft and did all of them on her own. On top of that the whole party was a dessert party and every guest was supposed to bring a cake or cupcakes or something sweet (kind of like a big dessert potluck).
Guests were greeted by a "Welcome to the Circus" sign and stilts to try and walk on. Every guest got a box full of fresh buttery popcorn and the ladies received crowns of flowers while the guys could choose from a selection of mustaces (which were also used as monobrows).

The table cloth and napkins were ordered on amazon (name Toot Sweet). Larissa made different flavours of sirups (Lemonade, ice-tea and blueberry) to mix with water. For the streamers she used painting colour charts and punched the hearts out (which kind of sounds really rude - I assure you only the paper was punched! :-) ).
I think the place we held the party was perfect and gave the whole ordeal a great feel to it, a very natural warm feel actually.
Larissa loves to read and decided to give all her guests a book as a favor. What a great idea!

We only played 50s and 60s music and lots of Elvis Presley and hello who can sit around with that kind of music so the whole things turned into dancing, eating, laughing and time with great people (and gorgeous people I might add).
We had set up a little station called "La Photocabine" because we used the La Photocabine and everybody took pictures in front ot #23.
It was such a fun party with the right people and the right setting. And as always the people make the party. Larissa is such a great host and has such a gift of connecting and bringing people together it's beautiful to see. That's why this party was so much fun.

Most of the inspiration was taken from Pinterest, Oh Happy Day and Oh Party.

As always feel free to pin.



Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A wedding in Dresden and a whole lot of tears

It all started in 9th grade when Annika and I realized we both kind of like Antonio Banderas and the song "Oh what a circus" from Evita. That's when we became friends.
Ines, Annika and I would spend many hours together watching movies, talking about all the things that mattered (BOYS ;-) ) and kind of grew up together. I remember one May 1st holiday where it was raining so we decided to have a picknick inside, light all the candles, eat as much as we can and talk. I think we listened to the Shrek Soundtrack about 100 times that day. To this day whenever I have a picknick inside that's the moment that comes to mind. That perfect day when it was raining and we all stayed in.
Well, and this past weekend Annika got married to the one, her one, the one she loves and wants to spend the rest of her life with (I'm getting all emotional just writing this right now).

So Ines and I flew out to Dresden over the most beautiful sunset to celebrate this special day with her.

It was a beautiful late summer day, the sun came out during the ceremony and with a beautiful view over Dresden we celebrate the two of them.
By now we all know how much I love weddings. I cry at all of them, I get giddy and happy and feel like my heart is bursting out. It's not only because of my very romantic heart, but seeing two people in love and declaring it in front of al their friends and family and mostly in front of God just gets me. There is something so genuinly beautiful about this.
This wedding though just touched me in a whole different way. The whole day I was so full of joy for my friend, so honored to be there, so impressed with the way they went about things and to just see the love in their faces. Wow. Total beauty! All I wanted was to just sit there and watch them dance and be in love and let my tears role. Ok I totally did all of that, but I just wanted to really take it all in.

The day after the wedding Ines and I went into town to see it since we had both never been. I must say I really liked this city, thought it was beautiful. I didn't take too many pictures, but here are some.

P1020994 P1030002 P1030007
Oh what a wonderful weekend it has been. My heart is so full.

Another thing I also realized this weekend is how important it is for me to surround myself with the arts, but more on that another time.



Monday, September 23, 2013

My bike and I

I am back from a wonderful weekend in Dresden (more about that soon) where we celebrated one of my friends' wedding.
One of the best things that has happened to me in the past months is that I can bike to my new job. It's a 30 minute ride one way and has been such a blessing.
Every morning I get on my bike, so thankful I don't even find words for it. I take time to pray, meditate, think, plan the day and just honestly wake up. I arrive at work fresh and ready for the day. After work I get back on my bike and I process the day, let it all go.
This hour of being on my bike every day is like a gift of time. Time to strategize and dream and be creative. Time to spend with God and in prayer.
It is almost as if when I get on my bike no negativity or bad thoughts are allowed. Sometimes during the day things happen that I struggle with but once I'm sitting on there, processing I am just letting it all go, reminding myself of where I stand and how I live.
It is not as if my bike has the magic (although in my head it sometimes becomes a horse which I ride into the sunset, but that's just my imagination going wild and my being a hopeless romantic) but it is the time I'm given. It is a place where I can spend time with God. I truly believe we all have to find that place where we come to rest. Where we are ready to listen, ready to let go and be changed.

What is your spot, your place, your thing where it's just you and God, an open heart and a ready mind?



PS: This blog was a work in progress for the past week and I rewrote it about 5 times to finally find the words to really say what's bubbling inside.
PSS: I am also working on blogs about exposing your heart and why I need art in my life.

** photo credits to my friend Ellen

Friday, September 13, 2013


In honor of this week's end of the season I want to share a dance with you which I absolutely loved. It is by Christopher Scott who is an amazing choreographer. It is danced by the Top 10 guys. I personally love love love it when men dance because they bring a strength to the stage which just takes your breath away.
So here you go. Enjoy it:



Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thursday Tunes

Oh I cannot wait for Autumn. It's like this every year. I love summer, but when September comes around all I want is for the air to get crisp, the leaves turning to color and to snuggle up on my sofa with a candle, tea and beautiful music. The transition my music makes from summer to autumn is big. I'm currently at that point where I'm craving music to suit that.
And just like that a Sleeping at Last song popped up on So you think you can dance which I didn't know. I researched it and have it on repeat now all day long. It is called "I'm gonna be (500 miles)". The song originally is by the Proclaimers, but Sleeping at last covered it with some changes to the lyrics.
So... go ahead, welcome Autumn, light a candle, listen to this music.



Friday, September 6, 2013

Tap. Hip Hop. Contemporary

Sometimes I wonder about this blog, about whether people read it or not and if it is goal driven enough or group driven enough clear enough. And recently I just reviewed my about section to make sure I am really clear and then I realized that this blog is called The Soundtrack of my Life put in words. I write about music, about dance, about travel, about events, about things going on in my (sometimes weird and awkward) head and about creativity and art. Some of my favorite bloggers stopped blogging and sometimes I wonder if it is worth it writing here but just this morning I thought, this is one of my creative outlets and even if nobody reads it I'm still going to write it because the main thing isn't readers but that I write.

Anyways these ponderings put aside I have to share more dance with you today (hello, I told you so). There is going to be 3 videos because really, the dancing this week was amazing again!
And all three styles couldn't be more different from each other: Tap. Hip Hop. Contemporary. So buckle up for some awesomness, goosebumps and fun!

Tapping has become somewhat of a lost art yet there so much class and beauty and rhythmicality in it I think we should have more tapping. Honestly, this dance is amazing.
I know I don't often post hip hop here because I often times am not the biggest fan of it because it doesn't really often get to me even though I think it is pretty awesome what people are able to do - for real!! But this dance was so much fun I just laughed!
Ah! This dance! Beauty and passion. Everything about it. I must say Robert Roldan has always been one of my favorite dancers and I am so glad he is back as an all star. What he brings to the stage is amazing!!

So with that I'm wishing you and awesome weekend!!



Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What words can't express

When it comes to articstic expression of any kind I very strongly believe that apart from self expression it has to raise social awareness. Art in cases might be the only medium with the ability to reach out to people because it focuses on the heart and soul rather than on facts and numbers.
This following piece of choreography by Tyce DiOrio from last week's show does exactly that. It portraits very beautifully what people must go through in the aftermath of a natural catastrophe like a hurricane, tsnuami, earthquake. It shows the pain and despair and loss of thousands of lives.
Watching this dance brings goosebumps to my arms every single time.



Monday, September 2, 2013

African Jazz

Maybe you are not familiar with this dance style. African Jazz combines many elements from Caribbean, African, South African Marabi, swing, and jazz dance. It is very physically demanding but I love the style and the versatily of it.
Last week the group number of So you think you can dance (it's finale week, people, so there will be an overload of dance - get ready for it) was African Jazz and it was beautiful. It was so light and happy and full of hope so I am sharing it!

Happy Monday everyone!




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