A couple of years ago I was going through the motions in my life and things were a little crazy. But I grew spiritually and learned and was streched and it was that year where I decided to give my friends a CD for my birthday. So I mixed a CD that I called “The Soundtrack of my life” because the songs I chose described a journey that I had taken and every single song expressed something out of my life during that year.
It was then that the term came to me and I realized how very often music comes to us in a very specific time, as if we needed that music in that season of life.
Sometimes though it feels like we are creating our own melody – we play the music of the Soundtrack of our life with the words we speak, the smiles we give and the times we spend with other people. I like to think that I dance through this life to the music it plays.
So this is the place where I want to share some of the music which is accompaniing me on this journey: My personal "Soundtrack of my life". It is divided into years so, just click on the picture and see the music.


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