Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Release of Potential

Today I want to adress a quote that was read at you(th) yesterday that just struck me. Let me write it to you. It is about the subject of what potential is:

"We must come into an awareness of our potential. Potential is hidden capacity, untapped power, unreleased energy. It is all you could be but haven´t yet become. Potential is who you really are, in accordance with your vision, even if you don´t yet know your true self. Potential is the person who has been trapped inside you because of false ideas of who you are--either your own or others." ~Myles Munroe

Wow! Just thinking of that makes me want to release that potential. But really, think about it. So often we are hindered by wrong images we have about ourselves or by being self-conscious. But if we saw ourselves through God's eyes... we would really see. You can read Psalm 139 about you. And then often when we are around the same people year after year, they cannot see the change or sometimes that potential and automatically put us in a box. But we must be out of this box in order to release the potential. Don't let false ideas others have about you because you once were different hinder you from reaching your full potential!

Today I want to challenge you to write down some of the craziest dreams, vision and ideas of what you want to be or do. Then give them to the Lord and let Him reach His potential in you!



Friday, September 4, 2009

Rock the Ballet

As many of you know I had the great opportunity of going to see Rasta Thomas' Rock the Ballet and meeting some of the dancers last week.
It was one of the best dancing I have ever seen! My eyes were filled with tears almost throughout the entire piece as it was so beautiful, strong, energetic, fun and emotional.

Let me just share this video with you as it says more than I could try to explain in words!

If you get the chance to go and see the show - go!




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