Friday, July 31, 2015

Sweet Home Alabama all Summer long

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My favorite way of traveling is visiting friends and becoming part of a culture. I love to step out of being a tourist and step into the lives of people listening to their stories and create memories.  This year I had the wonderful opportunity to not only travel to the South but also visit one of my closest friends. It is with this trip that I now have seen all major parts of the US so #'merica, right?
I was asked many times what my favorite part of the trip was and I think I can summarize it in this:
It was a trip of firsts. First time tubing, first time rides on the boat and on a jet skis, first time blueberry picking, first time in the South, first time eating sorghum syrup, first time pedicures and last but most certainly not least first time shooting (yeah you heard me right!). And in between all of these adventures and amazing things to try my friend and I ate our way through the city and I got to meet a whole bunch of new and amazing people. I guess what I loved most is the fact that we ate local only. If you know me you will know that I am a big advertiser of locally owned businesses especially cafes and restaurants and love supporting them in any way possible.
All in all I absolutely fell in love with Birmingham. More than I could have ever imagined. Walking into Church of the Highlands felt like walking into my own church - home.
I put some links to the amazing restaurants and cafes we went to after the jump. So go enjoy.
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Urban Standard
Trattoria Centrale
Continenal Bakery
Alabama Biscuit Company
Superior Grill
Chez Fonfon
Sprout & Pour
Church Street Café
Urban Cookhouse

Until next time Birmingham.


PS: See more places I travled to here


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