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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I know I have said this before but sometimes music comes to you in a time and place where it is exactly what you needed. It describes your journey and colors your life with words and sound. Like in a movie you start seeing yourself walking a certain road and that certain music accompanies your walk.
Josh Garrels' music is like that for me. It completely came at the perfect time. The words, the music, the variety of his musicality touch my soul in a very deep place. A lot of his songs bring me to tears and my heart resonates with the words sung.
I had difficulties chosing a song to post here but this one really is one of my favorites from the album Love & War and the See in between.



PS: You can listen to more of his songs on my Current Soundtrack

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Summer Love List

I love this summer. While everybody was talking about the big heat they had we were sitting here with only 15°C wishing for summer. And now it is here and it is hot. So naturally life is slowing down a little.
I am thoroughly enjoying it and have soaked up so many moments in the last two weeks.
So here is my summer love list:
Biking in summer rain and catching rainbows
Reading this book under a tree in fields where all you hear is the wind blowing through the grass
Listening to this music in my Current Soundtrack. It takes my breath away.
Watching this movie and being inspired to look like they did in the 40s and 50s. Also... I just have a thing for superheros :-)

Only a couple more days until we leave for India! I can hardly wait and am all excited about that!

Are you enjoying your summer or are you all set and ready for the fall?



*picture from here

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I biked through the fields outside of town, warm drops of summerrain on my skin and all I felt was complete joy.

Monday, August 15, 2011


I have been meaning to write but didn't want to write for the sake of writing. I want to write when I feel inspired to tell a story or encourage others, raise questions or tell about adventures. This blog is not to be filled with hundreds of posts to fill it up but rather with meaningful words straight from my heart.
Last week I sort of unplugged from a couple of things and spent time with friends, did some things in the appartement and just read a book. It was a quiet yet beautiful and relaxing week and it felt good to work with my hands and find new inspiration.

Summer nights in Basel are beautiful especially when shared with friends. We didn't really do anything in particular. Just walked, talked, sat at the Rhine and enjoyed being together.

I finally did something with our wall in the living room It has been on my mind so often but I had never really found time and inspiration until last week where all of a sudden I knew what to do and went for it and did it. It's 15 silver frames with black and white photos of our friends and us. How perfect is it to share an appartment with your best friend!
Also I made my very first very own french fries takend from here to have a little solo movie night. I watched Brothers and it touched me deeply. Such a sad and dramatic movie. I don't think we can ever understand what happens in war. I remember my grandfather telling us the story of how he was imprisoned during World War 2 and he always stopped telling the story at one point and we never found out what must have happened there.

Larissa and I finally had a our long planned for Pride&Prejudice evening. It was beautiful. We wore dresses and ate salty butter on english muffins and dipped cooked broccoli and drank berry water and black tea. It was truly wonderful.

So, yes, I have just been living life and enjoying the quieteness to be fueled up again for when fall starts in a couple of weeks.
I guess I will stay unplugged a little longer before I head out to India in not more than two weeks. So until then, enjoy your times, live your dream, relax and let God show you some new things!



Thursday, August 4, 2011

Page 28

I haven't posted any Sleeping at Last lyrics in a while but today I have to because this song from their new "August" EP is breathtaking again and just completely speaks to me as I feel like entering a new season in my life. It takes courage and trust and leaving things behind but that's a good thing.

So... Page 28

Have you read the script?
Could you picture it? it worth the risk?

Everything I love
Is on the line
On these neon signs

But I need to know - when you looked away
Was it something that I said?
Was it something that I said?
Well okay, okay I need you more than I did before
Now that the concrete is nearly set

Here in the second act I'm living in repair
Strange how the heart adapts when its pieces disappear
And there on page 28 I'm so tired of drying glue
I begin my grand attempt at building something new

Though I tend to write
The epiphany more immediately
I guess I'm trusting that there's such a thing
As elegance in dissonance

God, I'm skeptical of pulling scenes
Was it something that I said?
Was it something that I said?
Please don't get me wrong - I still need your help
As history repeats itself

Here in the aftermath I'm pulling at the seams
Strange how the heart adapts in the absence of routine
And there on page 29 I find "new" and make it mine
But I can't help casting shadows on all I leave behind

Maybe I could afford to change a bit
Even let go of the reigns?
Every torn out page was worth the risk
Now that the stakes have been raised

So here in the final draft
I've given all I have
Strange how the heart expands in the absence of a plan
There's nothing left on the page, but I'm ok with that
For I found my resolution
Was designed for stronger hands

You can listen to the song here.



Wednesday, August 3, 2011

For you

I know I haven't said much about the wedding here yet and to be honest the wedding was something so precious for me it's hard to really put into words. How do you describe your younger sister's beautiful wedding where everything seemed perfect?
At the wedding we had people leave audio messages for the couple so they can listen to them. Yesterday my friend and I delivered these messages and pictures as we were over for dinner at my sister's house. As we listened to them I realized that the message I had left was merely what I wanted to say. There was just so much going on that day.
I guess what I wanted to say was that I believe that my sister and brother in law are setting an example not only for the way they lived their relationship and how the wedding was but also now in their marriage. I believe God has great plans for them together and I cannot wait to see them coming to be. I believe many people especially the youth in our church but also older people look at you and watch you and they will want what you have because Jesus is the center of your relationship, because you have a pure and holy relationship and because you are best friends.

I am overly proud of the both of you and love you so much. Looking at the both of you makes you realize how much reward lies in waiting for the right one.



Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Any words about this would be vain so I let the dancing speak for itself.



Monday, August 1, 2011

Friendship and Summer

Ok... people get ready as there will be a lot of posting this week. I have so much to talk about and to share... oh my... it will be great. I feel inspired.
First off I have to tell you about an amazing weekend filled with so much love and friendship it was crafted for me.
Saturday night my best friends took me out for dinner. It has sort of become a tradtion amongst us that whenever one of us has her birthday we take her out for dinner and have girl time, girl talk and I just love these times. We've all grown so close to each other and these girl times are indescribable. We are sisters and we are friends and together we can do so much. I feel humbled and honored with such amazing friends who believe in me and with who I share and do life with. I am already half in tears so I just show you a couple of pictures.

I just have gorgeous friends! Gorgeous!!!
So after we had spent time I had invited all our other best friends (meaning the boys!) to make a fire up on the castle, have smores and just enjoy the time together. It was beautiful and as we sat around the fire I was so moved and filled with gratefulness. I have a great life and the most amazing people in my life. We connect with our hearts. We are one and I am completely in awe of the friendships I have, never take any of the times we share for granted. They are heaven sent for me.
So we took pictures of firelines and created art in our eyes:

And then to top it off on Sunday night we all went to my favorite Summer Festival The Kieswerk Open Air. It is an open air movie festival which combines all things I love: Friends, Food, Art, Music and Movies. We watched this movie, watched shooting stars and celebrated friendship and summer.



PS: There is so much more to say but that will have to wait until tomorrow


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