Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Awake and live your dream

We could call this Day 2 of trying to express what is in my head and in my heart, what I have learned and heard and processed at conference.
But how can you express something that you felt so deep in your heart. Something that God said to you, something you shouted out to Him? It is something so deep and amazing that I feel I don't want to put it online for the world to read, yet I want to express myself, because that is the way I process things. I talk. I write. I dance.
Do you know the feeling when something is best expressed by music? Like it is following you as the Soundtrack of your life. The music your life writes accompanied with the music currently on your playlist?
Well, this song is one of them. It came to me at the perfect moment in time.
Here it is. Enjoy.



Monday, October 18, 2010

In the Meantime...

So, here I am on a Monday afternoon with so many thoughts in my head that I would like to write out, but cannot seem to gather in a proper way.
I still don't have a new journal to write down all my wild and crazy ponderings, but I'll sure order one soon - very soon because it is so needed now.
This morning on my walk to work all of a sudden I knew I had to finally start writing about some of the things that God has been working on me lately.
Two weeks ago I went to Munich for work and then flew off to London-Town for the Hillsong Conference. It is always a very inspiring and amazing conference with lots to take in.

One of the things which really spoke to me was a message by Judah Smith where he talked about the dreaded "Meantime". It is the time in between, the waiting time, the time where you do not know what is going to happen. All you can do is trust, trust that one day you will find that place you will step into your calling and BE there.
Apparently I have found myself in that place fo a while now, still walking, still trusting, but always knowing that God IS faithful and that He is bringing me there. You go through the valleys and you climb the mountains, but you enjoy every single bit of the journey. You enjoy every single day knowing that you want to be faithful with what God has put in your hands NOW.

So this message just spoke to me and encouraged me to keep on going. At the same time, God has put some pretty amazing things on my heart at conference. He restored some of my dreams and reminded me of some of the dreams he had put there years ago. This in combination with that message was just the best.
It also reminds me of the time when I wrote about The Exciting times of waiting.

I just thank God for reminding me of these things again.



Friday, October 15, 2010

Side by Side

Good Morning people,

ok... don't know if it is actually morning where you are, but it sure is where I am. 8 am. Still cannot write about all of the things in my heart and what has happened at conference, but I will.
But to not spare you of words I want to share the lyrics of this beautiful song with you. It is (of course) by Sleeping at Last (by the way you should totally check out their Yearbook project) and is called Side by Side:

A single voice
In an ocean of constant noise,
But somehow our ears were trained
To recognize when we hear you call our name.

Side by side,
Every movement was memorized,
Choreographed before
The schools of fish were born.
Their patterns and plans align,
All in a glorious effort to survive.

There is no language for what we've seen,
Only the sweetness that bends us to our knees,
And all of these fumbling words
To explain what it means,
But out hearts were buried deep in the sand.

The sea unlocks
Like the lid of a music box.
It shivers with foreign sound,
As long as the gears stay wound
The whales will sing their song
All in a glorious effort to be strong.

There's no need to be afraid,
Overwhelming love cascades.
The melody will rise and swell
As it finds its way inside the shell.

The mouth is a mirror,
The mouth is a mirror,
The mouth is a mirror.
We must watch what we say.

There is no language for what we've seen,
Only the sweetness that bends us to our knees,
And all of these fumbling words
To explain what it means,
But our hearts were buried deep in the sand

Isn't that just pure beauty in words?

Monday, October 11, 2010

Back... not yet

I am back from a week of traveling, first to Munich for a business trip and then to London for the Hillsong Conference.
There is so much on my heart and mind and so many things that I would like to tell you about, write about and figure out, but I just cannot seem to find the words yet.
I think I have to sit down and just write it all out. I feel like I need to take the time to let it all sink in. And then I will write here, share my thoughts...

So... I'll be back soon...




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