Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Lake House

I just watched this great movie "The Lake House". And although it confused me a little bit I think the message is very good: Trust and wait. How often are we trying to fix things on our own? How often are we trying to do it ourselves?
But what does the Lord say? Trust me, be patient, wait and see what I will do! This concerns every single area in our lives. Whether it is school, friends, future, job, future husband/wife or just the next day or decision. Trust Him in every area of your life and you will see what He does.
I have experienced this very often and it astonishes me every time. That's why I say. Trust and wait patiently for the Lord has great plans for your life!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Delving into other worlds

Saturday night I went over to Tanja's where we just hung out and watched Finding Neverland. I love this movie. It reminds you of magic and of fantasy. I love it when Johnny Depp says... to see other worlds just believe. Just believe... it's the same with believing in Christ. We cannot see him. We can not touch him... just believe.
Sometimes I just love sitting there and dreaming of other things... imagine other worlds... situations how they could look like. It helps you develop dreams for you life. Do you have dreams? Do you long for something to happen? I do believe that dreams can come true. We just need to believe. God knows our inner longings... he knows the deepest things that we dream and hope for. I think he wants to fulfill them at the right time and the right place... I love that about God. I just need to believe and trust him and it will happen... So please promise me... never stop dreaming, never stop urging for these things... for more. Just believe.

Heute Abend war ich dann mit Rahel in einem Theater von ihrer Schule. Sie spielten die Tragödie Antigone. Die Location war ein Hanf Lager oder eine Fabrik wo man Seile und allerlei kaufen kann. Die Bühne war sehr einfach gehalten. Die Iszenierung war modern, aber auf eine angenehme Art und Weise. Ich mochte es sehr. Ich mochte die Atmosphäre die kreiiert wurde. Ich konnte ganz in die Geschichte eintauchen und war in dieser Welt. Die SchauspielerInnen war wirklich fantastisch.
Ich liebe das Theater oder Opern oder Musicals oder Kino... ich liebe die Stimmung. Ich liebe es einzutauchen und dann wieder aufzuwachen und "verändert" zu sein. Und das denke ich, ist der Ursprung von Theater... von Stücken... zur Bildung des Menschen... um Veränderung hervozurufen.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thursday, November 9, 2006

To have what it takes

In letzter Zeit habe ich viel über Frauen geschrieben, besondere Dinge an ihr und auch wie sie eine Lady sein kann.
Und das ist auch etwas, dass mir sehr auf dem Herzen liegt...

Doch ich denke, dass es nun an der Zeit ist etwas über die Männer zu sagen, sie zu ermutigen, ihnen ein paar Worte mitzugeben. Doch ich bin kein Mann und ich denke, dass wahre Ermutigung von Mann zu Mann kommen soll. Deshalb möchte ich John Eldredge zitieren aus Wild at heart... also Männer, das ist für Euch... es ist nur der Anfang... ich werde bestimmt bald wider zitieren:

"Am man does not go to a woman to get his strength; he goes to her to offer it. You do not need the woman for you to become a great man, and as a great man you do not need the woman"

"We are made to depend on ‘God; we are made for union with him and nothing about us works right without it. As C. S. Lewis wrote, “A car is made to run on gasoline, and it would not run properly on anything else. Now god designed the human machine to run on himself. He himself is the fuel our spirits were designed to burn, or the food our spirits were designed to feed on. There is no other."

"I mean you stop looking to her to validate you, stop trying to make her come through for you, stop trying to get your answer from her. For some men, this may mean disappointing her. If you’ve been a passive man, tiptoeing around your wife for years, never doing anything to rock the boat, then it’s time to rock it. Stand up to her; get her mad at you. For those of you violent men (including achievers), it means you stop abusing her. You release her as the object of your anger because you release her as the one who was supposed to make you a man"

Friday, November 3, 2006

A lady

Most girls and women expect men to be perfect gentlemen. They expect them to open doors, cars, carry heavy bags, pay the bills and many many more things. There's a lot of talk about the real gentleman. But I was asking myself why the man has to do the whole job. Something must be wrong here and that's why I was thinking about what a real Lady is.

"A lady is a woman who is the counterpart of a lord; or, the counterpart of a gentleman.The word comes from Old English hlaifdige; the first part of the word is laif, loaf, bread, as in the corresponding hlaford, lord; the second part is usually taken to be from the root dig-, to knead, seen also in dough; the sense development from bread-kneader, bread-maker, to the ordinary meaning, though not clearly to be traced historically, may be illustrated by that of lord." (Wikipedia)

But I don't think this defintion is sufficient. As I am observing the behavior of women quite a lot I've seen different types of women.

The feminist who doesn't appreciate men being gentlemen, who pays her own bills, opens doors herself and refuses on men trying to carry her bags. There's nothing wrong with doing these things, but I think these women have just forgotten what was put in men and women's heart by God. Protection on the man's side and beauty on the woman's side...

The contoller loves men who are gentlemen. It's very important for her, she expects them to behave just like that. When they're out for dinner she doesn't even make the slightest move when getting the bill and yet when it comes to the part where men like to conquer and hunt she doesn't give him any room there as she has the word available written all over her. It's a sad thing seeing how so many girls just give themselves up for the man and controll them. They call, they do everything just that it is working. But men are not created like that. They want to hunt and to conquer, they don't want an all available women too easy too simple, to get.

The Lady is the one who doesn't take the Gentleman for granted. She doesn't controll the man either. She doesn't shout "Carry my bag, open my door, pay my bill." She appreciates every step he makes, she let's herself be conquered by men. And she captures him with her unfailing beauty of God, with her rest and her love. He feels comfortable in her presence, he can be himself.
It's like a back and forth game between them. He's a gentleman, he gives, she receives happily and gives back. It's the most beautiful thing to watch.

I want to be a Lady like that and I want to ecourage you girls to be Ladies to. So I'm asking you. What about you girls? Do you want to be Ladies? What do you think a Lady schould do or how should she behave?


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