Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How to deal with Freedom in 10 Steps

I will continue writing about Heroes very soon. But right now I have to talk a little about the end of university. It’s craziness! In one week, after my speech and presentation of my diploma thesis I will be done. Finished… finito! And yet I feel like I’ve just begun… but that’s another story.

This whole last year was quite packed and full and yesterday I thought about what I want to do when I finish this next week. So here’s the list:
1. Sleep
2. Sleep in on Saturdays
3. Read books that don’t have to do anything with studying, business, marketing etc.
4. Write to people I haven’t written to forever
5. Invest time into people who I want to see growing in the Lord
6. Spend more quality time with friends
7. Go out on an adventure and do something crazy which I haven’t decided about yet
8. Go rock climbing… or just climbing
9. Just lie around an do nothing… listening to music… dreaming… getting lost in them and envision new things
10. Spend time with friends

Only one more week and those things can start... I'm so ready and I'm ready for a new adventure, somthing crazy, something new, something refreshing... something that the Lord has for me....
Please continue praying for me through this last week...

Thanks so much. Until next time again with Heroes... I already now who it will be so you can be excited... it's going to be... well... you'll see

xoxo Ramona

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