Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Awake and live your dream

We could call this Day 2 of trying to express what is in my head and in my heart, what I have learned and heard and processed at conference.
But how can you express something that you felt so deep in your heart. Something that God said to you, something you shouted out to Him? It is something so deep and amazing that I feel I don't want to put it online for the world to read, yet I want to express myself, because that is the way I process things. I talk. I write. I dance.
Do you know the feeling when something is best expressed by music? Like it is following you as the Soundtrack of your life. The music your life writes accompanied with the music currently on your playlist?
Well, this song is one of them. It came to me at the perfect moment in time.
Here it is. Enjoy.



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