Saturday, October 29, 2011

Berlin, Belin!

Last weekend I went to our Capital. Berlin. I hadn't been there in over ten years (man does that sound old!) and I wanted to give the city a second chance to prove to me that it is beautiful indeed.
And oh did she redeem herself! Berlin is such an interesting city, such a green city and such a versatile city. It somehow had slipped my mind (don't know how that happened) how much history can be found there. On every corner, on every street are remainders and reminders of our history. And not only our history in the second World War but our history in the Cold War. The history of the Wall.
It impressed me and I again learned so much about my country again. I live so far in the south that we don't see these things everyday right in front of our eyes. So that was most definitley good.

The first picture is a remainder of the Berlin wall, the second picture is of the Global Stone Project for peace. The third is of course the Brandenburger Tor.
This is the memorial for the killed Jews in World War 2. It is very impressive. I just sat there and thought about it. It amazed me that in the center of a city they errected this memorial made of over 2000   of these. 
There was this light festival. It was beautiful with light projections everywhere on famous buildings and places. Here is says, "whithout him love would ony be half as beautiful."
This is where we had one of the best coffees I have ever had. After that we went to the fleemarket, ate corn on the stick, listened to this 12 year old sweet boy playing guitar and singing and watched a British magician do his tricks. It was so fun and relaxing and good to be at another place for a weekend. Sometimes you just need to get away for some days. 

Anyways, I had a wonderful time and will definitely return. Berlin, you are a beautiful city and I am glad I gave you another chance.



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  1. Ohja ich liebe Berlin.... Eine wunderbare Stadt. So viele Kultur, Geschichte und Kunst, einfach wunderbar.


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