Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer, Tailgaiting, The Windy City and an American Wedding

I know I know I know it has been forever and I have not shared anything from my recent travels to Chicago to attend my friend's wedding.
Truthfully at first I tried to still savor the moments and experiences had and right after that I fell completely back into daily life and with my soon to be new job (more on that soon!) there was just no time.
Nonetheless I really do want to share my adventures with you. The time in Chicago definitely was a time-out for me. A time where I unplugged from all social networks and email. It was exactly what I had needed to clear my mind and be open for new inspiration and and reaffirmation when it comes to my calling and the things in life I think I am supposed to do.

When it comes to traveling in the States I had only been to California and Colorado so far, but never the Midwest. And I feel it has been the most American experience I have ever had.
Or let's say it this way: Going to the Brewers - Arizona Baseball game preceded by 4 hours of tailgating was probably the most American experience I have ever had in my entire life. There was barbecue on a parking place, Hamburgers, Country music, corn hole playing, fireworks and cheerleading. Basically anything us Europeans associate with America because it is what we see in the movies. I loved being there and experiencing it especially because I got to see a glimpse of culture and people and the way life is done in other parts of this globe.
Honestly I did not have a shimmer of an idea of how Baseball is played but I knew what a home run was and I new there was fireworks with a home run so I just kept on screaming, "Fireworks, fireworks, fireworks". I probably looked and sounded like the weird European girl but it was fun!

The weekend in Milwaukee was followed by me being a complete tourist, walking block after block and taking pictures in Chicago.
Can you find me? I really walked around like a tourist with my map and Lonely Planet travel guide. But I enjoyed it and loved taking pictures. The architecture of the city was really impressive and I thought very well thought through. Also the city doesn't feel that big being the 3rd largest city in the States.
I often enjoy exploring cities like that by myself mostly because I get to go in my own pace taking it all in.
My travel guide also had some really good recommendations for food and after having walked for hours in the burning heat I went to a place called Elate and declared it pure research for my new job. I absolutely loved the place and yes lunch was a little unhealthy, it was still amazing and the perfect break followed by going up the John Hancock building and more walking.
But after that I kind of was done being a tourist and wanted to see some other things. So I decided to take the bus to Wicker Park and explore the local shops and galleries there and then take the "L"-Train back.
On the train I think I was reminded of every single action movie I have ever seen where the explosions were in the train, the fighting scenes on the train and I felt quite interesting hoping nothing would happen. Ha, I guess I'm just good at imagining things.
I was in the city three times and yet for me going to other places it's often not really about the place but about the people you meet and the adventures you are in with these people because you can look at a building, take pictures, read about the history and not really understand because if these words are not filled with the life of people and the laughter and the conversations all of it is meaningless. But with it the place is awakened to life and you really start understanding not only the people but the place and the history of it all.
That is why I am so thankful for experiencing exactly that. People. For making new friends and getting another perspective of things. That is what made this trip really special and memorable and that is also what made it hard to leave in the end.
And so the last days of my visit where filled with spending time with new friends. I stayed with an amazing couple throughout this whole visit and I believe God strategically put me there to learn and be inspired and mostly encouraged to keep on walking, to stay focused and to be reassured of my gifts and talents. He gave me an outlook into something that could be and remembered me of my heart's desires.
The wedding was beautifully set in a garden/park and I love seeing how two people become one before the Lord.
I am absolutely grateful for having had this time set aside to breathe and just be. I am so happy I chose to go to the States this year and it was definitely the perfect timing to be there.
There are so many memories I took home with me and I am ready now for the next season in my life.



PS: On the way back to the airport we listened to the Mumford and Sons album which is why it is my Current Soundtrack. It is a reminder of that time there.


  1. I absolutely love Chicago. It is my favorite city. Because it does not have that big city feeling to it. It kind of reminds me a little of Munich, maybe that's why I like it so much.
    ;) Andy


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