Monday, November 19, 2012

Phases of transition

Today I biked out to my favorite spot in the fields. The place where I decided to work at Elemenz. My place of rest, of contemplation and serenity where I spent my summer days having this breakfast and journaling.
I have almost been into my job for three months now and was thinking about how I was transitioning, how I am still transitioning. And that is something which takes time. Time we sometimes don't want to take and as we wish to already be at that point of arrival, that fulfilment we often have to fight through some battles until we're there.
In university I learned about cultural shocks and the different stages there are or when a new team is formed we learned about the different stages until that team can fully perform its potential.
I too believe that when starting a new job or a big live change which brings transition with it there are several stages:

The exploration phase
In this phase you just start out, everything is new. You are exploring the new territory, getting to know the place, the people, the routines. It is a fun phase where you pour yourself into it all. You just give, give, give and try to figure it all out as you go. There is no stopping you, no tiredness, no giving up. Just pure adventure and excitement.

The stormy phase
This is probably the most difficult one because you're out on the sea, you have left sight of the shore and you are sailing to new lands. But storms are coming and you start seeing all the problems combined with you insecurities, your lacking knowledge and you have no idea how to get out there. You would like to hide from the storm. You feel like you can't take it anymore. You are tired from fighting against the waves. You are tired from getting water off your ship doing everything for it not to sink. It is cold, dark, stormy and it is easy to lose vision.
In this phase it is of utter importance to endure, to press through and fight through the tiredness, fight against your body and mind telling you to give up. You have to remember the reason why you sailed off in the first place, you have to remind yourself of that first flavour, that first time, the adventures and you have to remind yourself of the vision you have, the reason why you're doing all of this.

The settling phase
The storm is calming down, you start knowing what you're doing and things come easier. You learn to manage your time better and make quicker decisions. Your new position and responsibility start suiting and fitting you more. You are learning and discovering and taking it one step at a time. You see the goal ahead, you see the work and you just start where you are and keep going.

This last phase probably describes best where I am right now and how things are happening. It is a good phase to be in and I cannot wait for all the things which are ahead and the things yet to conquer and I will just keep on going.
It is funny because I used to laugh at my professor in university who said that when you start a new job as a manager you have to cut down everything else for the first three months. I thought he was so radical and didn't agree with him at all. And although to a certain extent I still disagree I can see now where he is coming from and what he meant.

But new lands are ahead. I have a clear vision and a heart beating full of excitement for all that's to come.



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