Monday, October 13, 2014

Movie Monday

I doesn't happen too often that I really like a comedy. Mostly because often I don't find them funny or deep enough or think they are too vulgar and I don't like the language.
So whenever I happen upon a good comedy I try to save it for all the nights when I really want to watch a comedy movie.

Last week I watched Mom's Night Out and let me tell you I laughed so much and I cried and it was the perfect end to the weekend. I thought there were parts which were pretty profound but not cheesy and parts that were so hilarious I just could not stop laughing.
I think this movie is a must for every mother. It is a christian movie which I am usually super sceptical about but this one is such an exception for me.
So, if you find yourself on somewhat of a triste day, put this movie on now!



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