Friday, June 12, 2015


"Everybody's pregnant. Even ______ (insert famous person)", is a sentence my flatmate and I have been saying frequently in the last couple of months. Hence the hashtag.
I love that a lot of my friends are pregnant right now and starting their own little families. It is something absolutely beautiful to watch and having been given the opportunity to plan their babyshowers was such an honor for me. You see for me planning a party or a gathering for somebody else means showing them how much I love them and to me it is a way of honoring them.
I haven't done a lot of post recently about event planning and such mostly because of the move and also because sometimes when we gather for smaller events or bbqs and such I don't even take my camera or the phone out because the moments are so precious (therefore these pictures are mostly taken with my phone) that I want to be present in the moment. We sometimes become so fixated on curating our life and styling it and presenting it on social media that we lose what's important right now and that is the friendships and the moments and the memories which are created. Don't get me wrong. Nothing wrong with styling your life - I do it to to portrait bits and pieces but there needs to be an honesty and an authenticity to it.
Anyways moving along to these three babyshowers which I am covering in one post. First up let me say that I pretty much followed the same pattern in creating these which involves the following steps:
1. invitations and guest lists
2. design, decoration and crafts
3. food and drinks
4. program (in this case meaning prayer and presents)
There was no overdoing it just the simplicity of gathering women and honoring mothers. And yet always trying to do it in style and beauty and fitting to the mother's personality. So I'm simply going to explain the babyshower theme and color scheme to give you an idea. When it comes down to it these showers are as personal as the mothers and I believe you don't need a whole lot of decorations. Focus and what's important: The table. Yes it is that simple. If you have buffet style, make the buffet look pretty (pretty plates, bowls etc.). Try to frame the buffet. If you are sitting down at a table try to make that look pretty with candles and some fun and colorful details. Try to focus on just a few colors instead of trying to do everything and then go from there. I sometimes feel having a theme like rain or something like that helps you stay on track.
1. The "Hey Baby" Colorful afternoon
Colours: apricot, yellow, pink
My sister had a baby girl but didn't want too much pink. She's a fun person and since it was still kind of winter out here we tried to do something fresh and colorful. There were lots of people so we decided to do plastic dishes as we hosted it at church. The cake was definitely a highlight made by a woman from church. The streamer's were super simple and you can find the tutorial here.
2. The rainy brunch Babyshower
Colours: aqua, white, yellow
My friend Tanja whose bridal shower you might remember from here loves rain and storms and so it was natural we included that in her babyshower. She is going to have a little baby boy. We hosted it at Elemenz, our church Café and really we just made the table look pretty with some fresh flowers, table runners and hung some clouds over the buffet. It was quite simple but made the room look really nice. She added some "Build your own rainstorm" favors which made everything perfect.
3. The modern girly brunch
Colours: black, white, pink, gold
This babyshower was hosted at a home and we all sat around the sofa and chairs wherever there was room. Clarissa, whose bridal shower and wedding your might remember has some great taste and so it was all black, white with a lot of pink and gold thrown in. It was very modern with a touch of shabby vintage thrown in the mix. Here also we simply focused on the buffet table and tried to frame it and make it the focal point of the shower.

Anyways I hope you're feeling as inspired as ever and I believe anybody can create beautiful gatherings. With a little love for detail and some candles you are going to do a great job.



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  1. Hey i love this post about the "babyboom" ;)
    Have you any pictures about the newborn babys from all the showers? cant wait to see some photos xo


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