Monday, March 28, 2016

Movie Monday

Today's movie is not going to be an easy one, a comfortable one or a pretty one. Today's movie is called Sicario.
I believe film as all art should not always be pretty and entertaining but it should also interrupt us in our day to day routine to teach us something or open our eyes to circumstances going on in the world.
For me personally that is what this movie did. It interrupted. I had to keep thinking about it. It is a movie full of tension, of the question about good and evil, right and wrong and it is not a movie of solutions or letting go of the tension. You are basically left wondering.
The cinematography is beautiful and perfectly lines up with the feel of the movie. I loved seeing Emily Blunt in this role. I first saw her in The Jane Austen Book Club and then later in Queen Victoria. Both movies I loved but seeing her diversity and range of acting is really great.
I do recommend this movie but with hesitation. It's not pretty.


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