Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Be a woman of resolve - birth something big and beautiful

I'm reading this great book right now by Bobbie Houston and I wanted to share some of it here with you:

"Imaging saying...

... "I am a woman with VOLUME" (...) God wants to trun up your volume, so your story may resound, loud and clear through the earth!

Imagine saying...

..."I am a woman with CHARACTER." I'm sure this is referring to qualities such as integrity, but I want to suggest a woman who is full of life and personality. (...)

Imagine saying...

... "I am a woman with ABILITY." Absolutely, girl! I also belive we are created in the image of a creative God! Creative juices are within us all and we simply need to learn how to unlock them. Tune in your Creator and watch the ideas flow. His grace will then enable you to actually do it.

Imagine saying...

..."I am a woman with BRAINS." Imagine for a moment, a planet full of Christian women with mega-intelligence. Cerebal-chicks doing awesome things in the earth, because God came and as it teaches in Romans 12, renewed their minds, changed their mindset, enlarged their capacity to think, dream and achieve!"

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