Sunday, July 1, 2007

At my Adventure's end

When things come to an end you most of the times don't feel ready.... like me... I certainly do not feel ready to leave this place. This place, Santa Barbara which I called my home for the last three months.
Who would've have thought that I would get so deeply connected and find so many fantastic and great friends. It was something that I hoped for but not what I was sure of would happen.

My time here has been one of the greatest experiences ever and there are no words to be able to describe that. It was an adventure all through and I learnt a lot about me and how I am. I learnt the difference between council and opinion, listening, being on my own, meeting people and differences in Christianity.

Every single person I met here has been a great blessing for me and has walked a little bit on my path of life with me.

I don't think I have many words left but I'm sure I'll be reflecting on it a lot more in the time ahead.

All I gotta say is: THANK YOU!

Good-bye to everyone. I love you!

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