Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A New Start

Finally I'm starting to post here again. Took me a while to feel ready for it. I wanted to hold on to my adventures but I cannot live in the past, my life happens here and now and I don't want to miss anything. This does by no means mean that I don't ponder about my memories and adventures in California. Believe me, I still do and I love thinking about all the great things that have happend, but rather than holding on to these things I'm trying now to use what I've learned, apply it and enjoy.

So here I am back posting, with a new title for my site, new colors and well... a new start.

Tonight at youth we had our last time before summer break and wow... the end of the series How to... tonight... How to love life. Life is to be enjoyed as a Christian. We are supposed and meant to love life. There are three tips or conditions to help you love life:
1. Seek God's WISDOM. It's an action, so go, seek it, learn and ask it. It won't just fall from heaven. Go, get it!
2. Be OBEDIENT to what the Lord says. Wow... obedience is such a big word but I tell you, it's worth it!
3. Be GRATEFUL for everything you've got. Don't complain, start saying thank you and enjoy. Gratefullness is like sugar to a cake, if cake is life, gratefulness makes it sweet!

So with these thougths I'm letting you go again. Hope you return and read about my ponderings.

Love. Ramona

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