Sunday, August 12, 2007

I see a Generation

... rising up to take their place!
We came back from Campfour 07 this last Tuesday night. One word to describe this Camp: BAM!

... imagine 76 young people on an Island in Croatia
... imagine them devided into teams to compete against each other
... imagine those young people's lives being filled up with the Light of Christ!
... imagine 12 saved souls
... imagine 76 young people dancing and singing to DC Talk's In the light song
... imagine them singing Hosanna to the Lord
... imagine those young people falling deeper and deeper in Love with their savior
... imagine COLORS

I was translating all the time and therefore always sitting in the back. I could hear everybody singing. It was a beautiful sound. It was praise for the Lord. I see this generation. I see them taking their place, I see them rising up and reaching out to the lost. This youth can and will make a difference.

... break my heart for what breaks yours. Everything I am for Your kingdoms cause!

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