Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I have been thinking a lot about the word „home” lately. I mean what does home mean and even more, what does it mean to me?
Just recently somebody told me that wherever I go I make home and that made me thoughtful… maybe it’s true.
I was thinking about the places I went to and people I met and I really did make a little home everywhere I went
Ok I must say that my family, friends and church from here make everything even more home, but I think that no matter where in the world they were I’d feel at home.
I know it sounds strange because most people associate a certain place with home while I don’t feel like that completely applies to me. Ok yes I live in the most beautiful area of Germany and I can be very happy to live here and yes I feel connected here and do have a cultural package to carry and yes I have memories here. That is all true. Still. When living in Santa Barbara I really felt at home. I had a life there. I had friends there. When I walked down on State Street I would meet people that I know. I was not on vacation, I was living there.
Well… maybe I’m just a little different.
Though one thing I know is that I will never completely feel home here on this earth because Heaven is my true home. Remember, we’re in this world but not of it. Wahoo… that makes me excited because that’s what makes us different… and the world will see it. Wow… Hallelujah!

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