Thursday, October 18, 2007

Life is good

I really feel like writing right now.
This morning during my quiet time I just thought, life is good! We have an amazing God who cares. He cares. His arms are open... I've been listening a lot to the newest Phil Wickham lately and the lyrics strike me every time! Especially the song "True Love". Here's an extract from it: "The earth ws shaking in the dark. All creation felt the Fathers broken heart. Tears were filling heaven's eyes. The day that true love died, the day that rue love died. When blood and water hit the ground. Walls we couldn't move came crashing down. We were free and made alive the day that true love died."
Pretty amazing, huh? Walls we couldn't break came crashing down. We are FREE through Jesus Christ! aaaa... that is awesome!

Have I told yet, that I'm dancing again? Yes I am back to Jazz dancing. Can't explain how much I love it and how happy it makes me. I feel that dancing is the way for me to express myself in an artistic way. Training is pretty tough but I don't care because I just love it soooo much!
I'm also dancing a lot in my room lately. I don't know why... I just can't sit still when listening to some great music!

So... if you feel a little low today or mellow. Turn up the volume on some fast, crazy song... or better a worship song and just dance. Dance like crazy in your room. My promise... you'll feel great afterwards...

So far... Keep coming back to my blog... Love the Lord, love life, love your friends!

I love you guys out there... more than you will ever know!

Love. Ramona

PS: Watch High School Musical 2... awesome! Makes you wanna sing and dance... maybe that's why I've been dancing so much lately haha

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