Tuesday, October 9, 2007

A whole new Me

I call this officially the beginning of Fall! While biking home from school today I got really excited about the beauty of it all. It was a beautiful, sunny day, the leaves already turned into colors and the chill air in my face. I loved it and it lighted up my heart and soul.
The summer after coming back from Santa Barbara has not entirely been good and rather filled with a lot of challenges. But life is a result of the decision we made. That's why I am doing good. Life ist good. God is good and I'm changing. I'm taking small steps.
I went through the dark valley for a while, but God's light guided me and I'm climbing the mountain. It felt a little like in Goethe's Faust when in the first Act after that night in his dark celler he is filled with new life on Easter morning. Well, Faust was besieged by the devil, which I am not so I can't really compare myself with it...
Anyhow... do you know the feeling when you go hiking up a really steep hill and you can see the end. You give everything, you're highly motivated. You don't know how much longer it'll take and when you finish climbing up but you know that the most beautiful view ever is waiting for you. That's where you will rest and enjoy the creation of the savior.
And that's where I am right now. Highly motivated to keep climbing up, keep pushing, keep going, keep trusting for I know that there will be a beautiful view and I will see clearly.

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