Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Beyond Anything

I just cannot get the phrase "Let's challenge the status quo" out of my mind.
Let's do something that has never been done before. Let's make a difference everywhere we go. Let's leave people with an impact on their life!

As I am growing in the Lord, making steps forward I really don't want to keep standing where I am. I want to dream bigger and far beyond what I have ever dreamt of.
When I am thinking about my future and what God may have in store of me I try to not put God in a box but think outside of it.
To be honest that can be intimidating and to be even more honest I have been quite intimidated lately. Not exactly by thinking about the future, more about things that concern the present.
But I don't want to be afraid of other people, situations or the way I am. God created us the way He wanted it and He has a purpose, a plan for our lives that only we can fulfill. Nobody else can take our place in the world. God needs us here on earth as His vessels. Therefore let's be all His. Let's give our all, our everything to Him. Let's not look on situations and problems and issues. Let's look on chances, opportunities and solutions!

We are children of the living God. We belong to Him. We are sons and daughters of the King. We are princes and princesses. Therefore let us also live like the ones we are! Let's live in victory!

God is great and He has a great plan for our lives. Let's not continue standing where we are. Let's start walking! Let us be the difference and let us make the difference. Let us do things that are beyond anything that has ever done before. Let us do it for the purpose of God.

Let us challenge the status quo!

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