Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Horse in Me

Ok, most of you will think this is totally odd or you will think that now I have totally lost my mind... but please allow me to explain myself.

Do you know those games when you have to say what kind of animal you would be? Well... think about it?

A few days ago I took a walk out the back of my house to where the horses are. There's a horse farm with about 30 beautiful horses. I just stood there, watched them and thought to myself if I were an animal it surely would be a horse. The reasons herefore are things like the fact that horses live in groups, move in groups and need groups. Just like me. I need to be with people... I am a total people person. And even though they need people horses still represent freedom. And I am a kind of person who needs freedom and liberty.
And then there are other charakter traits like strength and a strong will, resilience, they use their back legs to give you a kick when you're too much .
There are cold-blooded-horses who are seen to be more laid back and "lazy", while thoroughbred horses sometimes seem to be crazy! Ha... that is just hilarious! Actually if they are cold-blooded or thoroughbred horses is estimated by their temperament...

The more I am thinking about it the more I think it is true. I am not talking about me being a horse but just looking at horses and seeing some parallels in charakter...

So if you still think I'm crazy you might actually be right, but that's ok! Maybe I am

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