Sunday, December 7, 2008

How to Date - Part 2

Let's continue with How to Date, today with part 2. Before starting though let's repeat a little from last time. Remeber the definition we formed for dating:
"Dating is when two people are together with the intention of getting to know each other better."

I just think that takes out so much pressure of dating and relationships and makes things a lot less awkward.

Last time we talked about the 2 lies of dating and I already announced a third one.

3. Dating is a game.
Dating is not just a game. There is so much more to it and it can become dangerous to think that way because it is out of pure egoism that you see it as a game. If it were just a game you would only want to satisfy your physical/emotional feelings but a relationship is more about GIVING than taking.
Yes, God has given you feelings and emotions but he wants you to controll them. And how does that work? Well, turn with me to John 15:19 where it says:
"The world would love you as one of its own if you belonged to it, but you are no longer part of the world."

The Lord has called me to step out of the world, remember we are in it but not of it! And by living that way comes self control which in actual fact is a fruit of the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit will yield out of our lives if we live not by the principles of the world, but by God's principles!
But it takes us to make the steps and give everything to the Lord, WITHOUT COMPROMISES.

Therefore before I continue let me ask you this question: Are you will to give up your dream to get married/have a boyfriend for the Lord?

We have to come to the point where we are not dependent on another person but on God and giving everything to him, letting go of everything includes giving up your dream to get married. God's plans are bigger than your own. That doesn't mean that you are not meant to get married or that God doesn't want you to. It simply means that God is in controll of everything.

So, once we're there let's talk about how to make the most out of a date. And if you are expecting a candle light and soft music answer, you are mistaken... so, fasten your seatbelt with me and let's throw away all the old perceptions of how things have to work.

1. Know, that you don't have to date
It's that simple. You don't have to date. Let's read out of the book of Song of Songs 2:7
"Promise me, O women of Jerusalem, by the gazelles and wild deer, not to awaken love until the time is right."
Love will wake up when it is well rested and mature enough. Don't tell someone your love them if you can't take the responsibility of your words.
Let me ask you the question: Where have you woken up love before it was well rested?

2. Know that men and women are different.
There's not much to say about that except that you should keep it in mind. Be careful of the signs you send and how they might be interpreted. This includes touching, hugging, the way you dress. Reflect on how you deal with these thing.

3. Know that dating doesn't necessarily need to be romantic and tight up. Relax, have fun times together but take preventive steps when you are alone. Meet up in a public place or open all the doors and windows. Be careful.

Therefore think about your attitude about dating. Ask yourself the questions asked above. Take steps into the right direction. Dating is a serious thing and you will want God to be the center of it!

I hope you enjoyed the series about dating and start going into the right direction. Let me know about it. Let me also tell you that each and everyone of you is so important to me. I do care about your lives. It matters to me!

In this sense

xoxo Ramona

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