Thursday, November 5, 2009

Our Worship will be

Yesterday at you(th) Layne Schranz preached about relationship vs religion and how our worship differs within the two.
So he gave us 4 points that will happen in our worship if we have a real relationship with Jesus:

1. If we have a real relationship our worship will happen anywhere
I think that is so awesome because our worship should really not only be in church or at youth. It should be everywhere we go, even in the dark places where nobody can see it. If it comes from our heart our worship will be everywhere because it is our lifestyle.

2. If we have a real relationship our worship will bring freedom to others
This amazes me because when we truly worship, others will see Jesus in our lives and by Him they will be set free! So lets live a life that is so full of worship that people will find freedom.

3. If we have a real relationship our worship will be physical
How can you just stand around and not move and be excited when your heart is full of a love for Christ! When we have this true intimate relationship with Jesus and when we just love him deeply it will be seen on the outside and cannot be hidden.

4. If we have a real relationship our worship will not care about what others think about youHey, it's not about what our friends think or if they like us. It is about our relationship with Jesus! And if this relationship is right and true and intimate and if we just love Jesus, then we won't care about what the others think or say becasue we know what Jesus thinks and says.

Just thought I'd share these 4 points with you. I think they are so encouraging yet challenging at the same time to really examine our worship and our relationship with Jesus. People, let's move to the next level, let's make a step forward in our worship.

Hope that you are not the same today than you were yersterday. Change is good.

Much love.


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