Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Carpe Diem - Then, when - NOW

Remember how I used to write a few thoughts every day during Christmas time? Today I feel like doing this again. This because I heard a great quote yesterday that I wanted to share. Also it feels like time is passing by again so fast. It is already February and everything seems to be happening so so fast. I just need to sit down right now with my coffee and sweet bread and write.

"Life isn't then, life isn't when?, life is this."

Sometimes it happens that we live in the past. Either because it was so great that we want to go back there or because we cannot let go of things which happen to us. But in the end, living in the past holds us back from a great future God has prepared for us.
Then again only looking into the future asking yourself when everything is going to be better, when all the great things are going to happen and when God will finally show you your life destiny isn't a good thing either. It keeps our eyes off things that happen now, things which are great and contribute to the great future which lies ahead of us. Here I want to refer you to a series of the exciting times of waiting I wrote a couple of years ago. To read it go here.
I really want us to refocus again. How are we living? What determines our life? What gives our life the drive? Are we really focused on Jesus and His plan for us?
We should live right now in this very moment even though we sometimes have to do things we don't understand or things which do not make sense to us or seem dull to us. God is preparing us now. All I can say and encourage you to is to be planted in the Church, be involved, help building His church and His kingdom here on earth and then step after step you will see how it all comes togehter how it will enfold right in front of your eyes.

Don't walk through life with your eyes closed, but with open eyes. See the people around you. Look at the situations, your attitude in it. See the beauty around and about you.

Live each day for Jesus, Yaweh.



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