Thursday, February 25, 2010

You speak, I hear, but do we need words?

As I have watched "The New World" again lately it really made me think about language. What is language? Is it only what we speak or is there so much more to it?

What is special about the movie is that so much is said without talking.
As you know I had a lot of classes in university about intercultural communication. I learned how language is seen so differently in other cultures.
We in our western world sometime only express ourselves or think everything has to be expressed by words.
Sometimes I wonder if we sometimes talk things to the death just to make sense...

But anyways in other cultures, mostly those of the eastern hemisphere you talk a lot more by saying things in between the lines or by your body language.
For us this often is so hard to understand, we cannot grasp the said.

In the movie though they sometimes entirely speak with body language.

It just reminded me that there is so much more than words...

Here's the whole beginning of the movie... the first 4 minutes you see not one word is spoken yet so much is said.



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