Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ribbon into Bow

It is November which means that the new Sleeping at Last EP is out. The EP starts soft and quietly with "Bright and Early", a truly beautiful song. I feel like their lyrics never get old and never repeat themselves. They are always truly beautiful. Always truly authentic and real. And always poetic in a way it touches my heart.

"Cause if trust is ribbon
then patience ties it
in a perfect bow"

These are the last lines of "Bright and Early" and ever since I read these lines I cannot but ponder about them. What a beautiful pictures this makes.
Sometimes we just simply have to wait for things or to wait on things. But in all that there is trust, hope that what is deep in our hearts will find its way to reality.




  1. Oh ein neues Sleeping at Last Album, welch schöne Nachrichten! :)
    Das was du geschrieben hast passt gerade... :) Wann sehen wir uns? Vermisse Dich!


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