Saturday, February 5, 2011

Friendship is an Investment

Santa Cruz 2007

This morning we had what we call "Leadership Summit" at my church where all the leaders come together and we have a message, workshops and learn how to be a better leader.
Anyways, the topic today was how to have Win-win relationships. Now I know this is totally a business term but in actual fact the topic was about friendships and partnerships and I thought it was so great that I want to throw a couple of thoughts out there for you.
There were four different principles of which I will try to enlighten two here:

1. The Boomerang Principle
What happens when you trow a bommerang? At one point it will come back to you. Therefore when you invest in a friendship you get so much more back. I personally have experienced that so many times where I invested and gave and the response was incredible.
So I guess the question is what have we inveested, what have I given into the friendship? We honestly should have the attitue of giving first and then receiving. It's a very simple principle... sowing and reaping.
Therefore I would like to encourage you to concentrate always on what you can give into the relationship.

2. The Friendship Principle
I believe people want to be together and spend time with people who are true friends. The question therefore is, what a real friend describes. John Maxwell says the following that a true friend...
- knows your worst parts yet does not forget your best.
- thinks you are a little bit more wonderful than you actually are
- can talk with you for hours and be completely quiet
- celebrates your success with you
- always tells you the truth
- stands by you even if others are against you

Santa Cruz 2007

I love this!!! That is exactly the kind of friend I wish to be and the kind of friends I wish to have... gladly I do have friends like this.
This subject just really excites me because when true friends join in together there is so much empowerment and people start living out their potential and it triggers such an energy. When my best friends and I go somewhere you can really actually feel that and I don't mean to say that to brag about it. It is just simply a fact.
Also... I feel with them... because they are true friends the more I invest the more I get back. Just seeing them, spending an hour even with them is so encouraging and brings out the best in me. It energizes me and helps me keep on going.
I wish and hope you have those kind of friends - friends who are willing to give their life for them and I wish and hope that you are and become such a friend.
Honestly I don't believe I have achieved it yet completely. We can always keep on growing and going when it comes to our friendships.
The most important thing though is to just love them like Jesus and let His love guide you in your friendships.



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