Friday, February 11, 2011

To learn and grow in Friendships

The day has arrived and I am finally able to post the next interview I held with my best friend and housemate Melina. I have decided to make this a three part interview because I do not want you to miss any of her words.
Compared to my best friends Melina and I have been friends for the shortest amount of time (since 2005) but we have grown into such a deep "covenant" (you'll understand what I mean reading her words) friendship it feels like we've known eacht other forever. 
We have grown with each other and deeper in our friendship and I am blessed to count her one of my best friends.
Enough said, here you are with her words Part ONE
Melina's High School graduation in 2007

"I know you have had quite an interesting story about how you perceived friendships. Could you tell us a little what you thought about this whole subject also coming from a family who used to move to different places a lot?"

Being a passionate and devoted person friendship has always had a high priority in my life. As long as I can remember there has not been a time in my life when I didn't have friends around me. Having moved to different places a lot however has not been the easiest thing for me when it comes to sustaining friendships. Moving to a completely different city meant going to a new school, living in a new neighborhood…finding new friends. Although I've always considered myself an open and outgoing person opening up my heart and sharing things that were happening in my life was getting more difficult every time after I had had to say good-bye to my friends. With the consciousness of a possible change around the corner I would never allow friendships to go real deep over a longer period. Even after having lived in Lörrach for quite some time, something on the inside of me, an itch to move and find new friends, wouldn't allow me to open myself up completely to my new friends. But this time we were not going to move…no, we were going to stay and I had to overcome that "itch", that uneasiness. Thank God I had amazing friends…and thank God he taught me how to deal with it. During that time, I learned so much about friendship…about true friends. Through my friends I was able to learn how God sees friendship and what He desires for everyone in terms of friendship. Today, 5 years later I am still learning and growing in this area. But I can honestly say that God blessed me with the best friends!

on our leadership retreat 2010

coming up next: Friendship: A covenant - interview mit Melina

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