Friday, February 17, 2012

The good of it

Writing new chapters of adventure and creating new dreams is a process. Change is a process and I have elaborated on it a lot lately. Hence today I just want to share some really good and fun times of recent. Because there were. And the great thing is that again and again I see and experience how amazing my friends are, how important people are to me and how I make new memories in all of the process.
So... I just thought I'd share some pictures that capture exactly that:

Sledding with my friends. Something I hadn't done in years. We had so much fun and it was like diving into Winter Wonderland!

Watching Tristan and Isolde with my friend Larissa. Yay for crossing off yet another movie from our list :-)

Dream Team Banquet. I'm always in for dressing up, trying new hairdos and make up :-) 

The Gavin deGraw concert which was just amazing. I've been listening to his music for many years and seeing him live now was awesome.

I added most of my favorite songs to my Current Soundtrack so you get to share in the fun too.

I guess that's it. Happy Friday, friends!

Make the most of every day.



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  1. Really , I love what you write and you're write from heart to heart .
    keep going


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