Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The process of growing wings

A choice is a choice. And one could think that everything changes with that choice. That once it is made you will be free of everything from before. But that is not the truth.
The truth is that a choice is a process. The process of changing. Your mind. Your emotions. Your soul. Your behaviour. And although the choice itself will free you and and will draw a line in the sand the process that follows is what is key.
It is working through the hard days when old paradigms try to get a hold of you. It is fighting your thoughts. It is constantly looking ahead and not looking back. Letting the past be the past and believing for a brighter future. It is trusting God. It is staying out of the boat. It is the in between of having leapt off the cliff and growing wings. It is the in between of jumping out of the boat and reaching the shore. It is patience and endurance and prayer and faith and building new things.
That is why a choice really forms us and shapes us to become different and if it is a choice lead by God it is a choice that in the end, when we have reached the land, built the wings will have a made us a better person and will have drawn us closer to God.
I want to make these kind of choices and I want to allow myself to go through the process. I want to allow God to build new things in my life and carry me through it all. I want Him to build the wings and set the sail and carry me to the land. Because only then it matters.



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