Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Kony 2012 - One thing we can all agree on

Almost two years ago I fundraised money for my birthday in order to pay for surgery of disfigured women in Uganda. It was a time for me where I learned a lot but also was able to raise some sort of awareness here on this blog. I contributed my part to a larger whole. If you're interested in the whole journey you can read it here.

And now again I want to use this space of mine to raise awareness. Most of you might have already heard of or seen the new video by Invisible Children that goes with their Kony 2012 Campaign.

I know there has been some controversy on their approach and opionions are divided. I actually read a really good article about that on Relevant magazine. I do believe we always have to look at the complexity and the larger scale of such a problem.
At the same time I do believe that in order to raise awareness and in order to get that problem/issue across one has to find simple ways of telling, breaking it down to real basic understanding so that every single person can understand it.
And that is what this video does. Anyboy and everybody can understand the basic problem and realize that there has to be something that we can all do, that we have to stand up, join forces and change this world.

So... please watch the movie. But don't stop there. Inform yourself about the situation, read statistics, newspapers and reports.

And now... think for yourself, consider how and where you want to get involved. There are so many possibilites to get invovled in Uganda, may it be through Invisible Children or Watoto or through Compassion International. Or if resources are little, why don't you start praying. Pray for wisdom, pray for the governments, pray for the children, pray for the decision makers.
The most important thing is that you do something.



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