Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Tunes

I'm exited because today is dedicated to music. This blog is called "The Soundtrack of my Life" after all... so... I've been listenting to a ton of new music lately and it was really hard for me to find a song that really speaks to me and share it with you. But I think I found one in the end :-)
I have been listening to William Fitzsimmons a lot lately. I love his voice and his music is beyond inspiring, encouraging and full of poetry. The song that I'm going to share is called Goodmorning and the lyrics couldn't be more fitting at the advent of this Spring where Winter is coming to an end. One season ends and another begins. I am ready for new life, new beginnings and the freshness of Spring.

So here's the song and find the lyrics below:

Moonlight will fall
Winter will end
Harvest will come
Your heart will mend
Good morning
Good morning
You will find love
Good morning
You will find love
You will find love
Good morning
Good morning

Also, I added a whole lot of other music to my Current Soundrack. Other favorites by William Fitzsimmons, Mat Kearney and Jenny & Tyler.

Hope you enjoy it!



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  1. He is good. He does look and sound remarkably like Sam Beam, but without the southern American accent. Have you listened to Iron & Wine much? I know that I have introduced you to them, but have you listened to a whole album? If not, I would recommend Endless Numbered Days and The Shepherd's Dog. Anyway, thanks for sharing. Tschues.


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