Friday, May 11, 2012

Follow your Heart

As I have said yesterday, today I want to talk a little about following your heart. At least as far as I can talk about it.
Have you ever been in a situation and people just told you, "just follow your heart and you'll be fine". And if you're anything like me you might have at some point stopped and asked yourself what that actually means.
It seems like last year has been all about following my heart and learning to dream again and now this Spring it is coming back to me. My heart that is. Telling me to listen. To not get hardened.

I have actually always been very much in tune with my heart often throwing reason and overthinking out the window and trust that what my heart told me was the right thing to do.
At the same time I believe the closer you are with God the more you will know His voice and your heart will give a co-witness with His spirit.
I believe following your heart mostly has to do with trust. Trust. And isn't that often the key or the issue?
Maybe we have been disappointed so many times when we trusted people that even unconsciously we have built up walls around our heart. Walls of self-protection that we will not hurt or be disappointed by this.

So I guess in order to really truly follow your heart and trust you have to let go of all these walls. You have to break them down, carry your heart barren before the Lord and TRUST Him that He will protect you. Not yourself. But His protection. That even though you put yourself out there, let go and carry your heart vulnerable in the palm of your hand you know that it will always be protected in God's hands.

That is what following your heart means to me.



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