Monday, January 14, 2013

A second thought

I know this blog has somewhat become a second thought over the last couple of months and I'm sorry for that. But I decided to dedicate my time fully to the things going on in my life. Therefore the blog wasn't something I ran to to share or to discuss.
I know I will return. I know I will write more and share with you. You can see it as a New Year's resolution.
For now, let me just share some of my favorite moments of the last few weeks/months:
I think it was the many Christmas partys, the moments spent with friends. The laughter, the rest, the food, the late nights that I will remember most. It was those moments which rejuvinated me, which touched my heart. I am forever thankful for the friends I have. Nothing of what I do or how I live would be possible without them.

So I am starting this year off with one though: FRIENDSHIP. The kindred spirits. The people you do life with.



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