Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Three Words

One of my favorite bloggers Kathleen recently wrote about how her and her husband choose certain words to define their following year. I liked the idea for I am not one to make big new year's resolutions. I usually sit down and for the first or second week of January I take every area of my life and take one day at a time to pray and think about this area. Then I form visions, dreams and goals for this certain area. This year the areas were:
1. my personal life apart from anything else. What's the vision for my life, what are my dreams. What do I, Ramona want to achieve in this following year.
2. my minstry. God has called me for certain ministries in the church and I want to be a builder of His house. I want to make His house beautiful. What are His dreams and visions and next steps for the things He put into my hands?
3. my job and everything that comes with that. How can I grow as a leader. How can I bring things to the next level. What are some of the goals I am setting for this year.
4. my relationships, meaning friendships, family, collegues etc. How can I be a better friend? How can I be the friend they need? What are the things I can grow in to become a better person for them. What are my dreams for these friendships? How should they be growing?

And then finally I sat down and made somewhat of a bucket list. A list of things I wish for this year. And because I really liked Kathleen's idea I did choose 3 words for this year:


I want to grow in every area of my life...
I want to be full of love, to give love, to show love, to bring love and to be God's hands and feet whereever I go...
I want the glass to always be half full. I want to risk things and trust in myself, trust in people and never loose my optimistic and hopefull spirit.

What are some of the words and things you want to dream about? What are some of things in your heart for this year?



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