Friday, February 22, 2013

Being public

Over the last two years I have started following very distinct kind of blogs. Blogs with people who live lives which inspire me. It was often more about the lifestyle (being rather simple, natural, organic, artistic) which inspired me.
But over the last two years some of them have quit their blogs to focus more on the lives they are living or because they didn't want to be public people anymore (some of these blogs had thousands of followers) and wanted more privacy and some just wanted to smallify their life in a world that was just getting larger and it is so easy to get lost in the Internet world.

I can understand and relate to all of these reasons.

When I heard the word "smallify" though I could not help but think about that for a bit. Making your life smaller, drawing back a little bit more, focusing more on your own life. I think I know what was meant in concern of the Internet but I had to think about my life. I have deliberately chosen for my life to be transparent. I have chosen to allow people to see me as I am and see my life. I want my life to be large, to have an impact on many people. I believe God gave me gifts and talents and I believe I have something to give (at least I hope so) and that is why I want my life to be large.
But not large as in sharing every detail of my life with other people on the Internet but large in the extent of having an impact on other people.

With working in Elemenz that aspect has certainly become more real. Not only do I work together with a lot more people than before but I have become a public person by managing a public restaurant.

And all of that brings a set of responsibilities with it. And the question is whether I am willing to take on the challenge. Am I willing to live a life worth seeing?

When people look at my life. What do they see? Do they see integrity. Do they see me loving on people? Do they see me living a genuine life? Do I allow people to see me the way I am? Do I let them in? Is my life an example for others? Do they see Christ in me?

This responsibility can be challenging and scary and sometimes hard but I have chosen to do everything I can to live up to that. I have chosen to grow and and become a better person. I believe God called me to be here and now and I always want to be the kind of person that whatever He puts in my hands I multiply it, I faithfully steward it so that God can give me more.

So... let my life be large and transparent.



** picture taken before opening hours in Elemenz just recently. I work together with awesome people! You can follow my instagram here.

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