Monday, February 25, 2013

Feeding my romantic soul

Most of you know that I am a hopeless romantic and that I have chosen to stay one despite heartbreaks, despite being disappointed and despite the world telling me something else.
That might be one of the reasons why I love Pride & Prejudice so much and why I have been watching The Lizzy Bennet Diaries a lot excessively lately.

Another reason could be that I think that the story of Pride & Prejudice is still extremely relevant especially for 20somethings.
I don't know about you but I very often identify with the story and the characters.

Today I want to share one episode of the Lizzy Bennet Diaries. It gets me every single time. The way Mr. Darcy speaks with Lizzy. His body language, his words, what he brings out of her.

So without further ado let me feed my (and your) romantic soul a bit today:

Do you know what I mean????



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