Tuesday, March 26, 2013

On Dancing.

Most of you know of my love for dancing. Not only is it a great workout but a way of expressing myself. A way to let go and just be free in the movement. It is about knowing your body, knowing how it moves.
Most of you also know that I don't go out dancing in clubs and such things so my only dancing happens in the dance studio, at home or at weddings. Whenever I watch a dance movie it really excites me.
Sometimes I get so excited about the dancing that I shout out in joy!

This last weekend I watched Step Up Revolution and I know some of you might say "really, another one of those", but truthfully I really like the movie because it focuses on dancing as a form of art being used to make a statement.
And honestly: The dancing is amazing!!! I mean amazing!

So I thought why not share some of it with you here because that is where my thoughts are today anyways (there and at a lot of other places too).



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  1. That is very cool--and intriguing as a plot element. Thanks for sharing.


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