Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Oscars and The Paperman

If you are following me on instagram you saw that my friend and I were having a little Oscar party this past Monday. Now, I know that we were one week late, but hey, better late then never.
Can I just say that my list of movies to watch grew exponentially and most of the movies I want to watch haven't even been out in Germany yet so I guess I have to wait and take one at a time.

What I love about the Oscars is that they acknowledge film and art and honor them.

Something that struck out this year was The Paperman which received an Oscar for best animated short film. I went home and watched it and fell in love with this little movie so I thought I have to share it with you on this regular Wednesday.

May it be a moment of rest and diving into another world. A moment that gets you dreaming. Six minutes of just being somewhere else:



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