Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Who am I?

As one season comes to an end and I find myself in an in between season this question lingers again. Like a cloud is is hanging over me. It is a question I need to answer but not only in view of the present but most certainly need I think about the future.
Dreams. Visions. Goals... So to say.

Last week I went to London to the Hillsong Colour conference. One evening Brian Houston was preaching and he challenged all of us to sit down and write "The life I see".
At first I felt like I couldn't write it as if it was an impossibility. But on my flight to Austria (where I spent my last weekend) I pulled out my Moleskine and just started. As the pictures in my head started to become ink on paper a lot of things started to make sense as if they had just waited to be thought of yet even said.

And now there it is: New Dreams, new Visions and a life to pursue. And yet again I am left with a challenge. Go after your Dreams. Pray, be faithful, follow Jesus even more and learn. Become a better person and grow.

I gladly accept this challenge and cannot wait for the seasons ahead.



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