Friday, May 31, 2013

The Art of doing nothing

I spent the last two weeks house and dog sitting with my best friend/flatmate. These last almost two weeks were so important and crucial. I was not working. I had time. Each day I would walk the dog. No phone, no music. Just nature, the dog and me. It was in those times I had time to think and pray and let my thoughts wander, start asking myself questions and allowing God to speak to my heart.
Everyday I sat at that beautiful wooden table, read my bible, spent time journaling and praying. I have this prayer book which was a present at the Colour Conference a year ago. You basically pray for every nation on this planet earth. It is an amazing book and reading through it, seeing the pictures, reading the stories of lives changed and having the opportunity to step in in prayer and make a change in people's lives is life changing. I would keep on thinking about the countries I prayed for and keep on praying for them throughout the day.
We live in a culture where we are always so occupied with everything. We constantly need to do something, be something, be active, go out, be on the phone etc. We forgot how to not do anything. I deliberately chose over the last two weeks to not do that. I chose for it to be ok to do nothing. To sometimes just sit and think without any noises or sounds surrounding me. Be still.
It is in these times that I started asking myself some pretty hard questions:

What kind of a person do I want to be?
Where do I want to be in the future and who?
Where do I see myself in a few years?
What are the important things and people in my life?

I can't say I have found all the answers just yet but I am on my way, defining and redefining.

I believe sometimes we just have to make that time to do nothing and be still. You will be surprised by all that can happen and what God might want to stirr in your heart.



PS: I also watched quite a few movies some of which I will share here soon.

** pictures via my instagram

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